Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Easy Environmentally Friendly Gift Tags

I actually managed to find some jeans that fit this weekend--I do need to hem them---but they fit everywhere else which is just short of a miracle.  Somewhere out there is a woman with my waist, hip and butt measurements who's 5'10" and could wear the jeans right off the rack, but I digress...

Look at all the junk that comes with the jeans!  Is all that labeling REALLY necessary--I think half the cost is just in the heavy cardstock advestising the product.  And it is really heavy, laminated cardstock with a metal eyelet and sturdy black cord attached.  Methinks this can be upcycled...

...into a Christmas/Holiday/Whatever gift tag!

 1.  I created a "To/From" label big enough to cover DKNY's denim info (for the DKNY tag I needed to make a fold-over sticker) and added some clip art.

2.  Printed it onto a piece of my sticker paper (regular paper and glue works too) and trimmed with scallop scissors

3. Then stuck it to the cardstock. TA DA!  Holiday Tag.

Easy as can be, one less piece of garbage, and one less tag needed for the holidays!

This idea would work really well with child's art.  You could scan one of their pictures for clip art or you could have then do a one-of-a-kind piece of art straight onto the sticker.

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