Friday, November 13, 2009

Wool on the Brain & Yum

European style dark hot chocolate mix + a jigger of Bailey's Irish Creme + a big squirt of whip cream= the perfect late night, Baby it's cold outside, mommy drink.  AHHH...

At the same time I've had to drag out my stash of felted wool sweaters for my latest Betz White's Holiday Felt & Stitch Workshop (sorry can't share any pictures--class rules).  What to my wondering eyes should appear?

A Mug Cozy!

All this requires is the straight part of a sleeve from a felted wool sweater.  1)Cut to the size of the mug--being sure to leave at least a little space from the cups rim to drink,  2)Cut a slit big enough for the mug handle at the sweater SEAM,

3) Put a nice little blanket stitch around the handle opening and the top and bottom edges (my isn't very neat--I was so excited about this idea at the time that I sped through the steps),

4) Stretch over your mug and fill with a yummy, hot drink that even your cat would love

Just beware the after affects of above cuddliness and warmth...

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