Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Advent Ideas

Christmas season is getting nearer and while I think it is still a little soon to be decorating, it is time for me to start gathering ideas and supplies for our Advent activities.

I've found that my girls like making things--a few presents here and there, but also things for them.

  1. Make doggie biscuits for family pet presents. Very popular last year!  Daily Drool has some great recipes.
  2. Decorate a gingerbread house--I must confess that I purchased a kit at the grocery store AND I construct the house with a hot glue gun.  Let's be real, they're not gonna eat the gingerbread and hot glue holds better than frosting when you're talking structural gingerbread.
  3. Food Bank shopping day~Each girl gets and envelope with money to spend on food items to give to a local charity.  
  4.  Make scented sugar scrub for either ourselves or as part of a spa gift. Martha has a customizable recipe and labels here.  I'm also eager to try Brown Sugar Scrub from Domino Sugar.
  5. Make bath fizzies for ourselves or as a gift. Martha--AGAIN!
  6. Peppermint Fudge.  Just found an easy recipe from Martha that I think the kids will enjoy doing. 
  7. Treats for school friends.  An easy recipe like chocolate dipped pretzels, Chex Muddy Buddies or microwave caramel corn.
  8. Decorate the tree.  Has to be done--make it a family activity with Christmas music.
  9. Cookie decorating!  Make the dough ahead of time, so time can be spent cutting out and decorating.
  10. Fancy Hot Cocoa day!  Make some old fashioned cocoa and be sure to have whipped cream, candy cane stirrers, and sprinkles (try out some of those cookies too)
  11. Make gift tags.  Get out the cardstock, Holiday stamps, glitter, and ribbon.  Let the kids make the tags this year instead of purchasing at the store.
  12. Wrap presents for teachers and friends.  Time to put bows around the teacher's Starbucks Coffee and their friends goodie bags.
  13. Stepping stones.  Use hard plastic bakery containers or purchase a mould at the craft store.  Embellish the stones with broken tiles, glass bobbles and beads for one-of -a-kind present.
  14. Star of the concert days!  We have at least 2 holiday concerts this year--let the star of the concert pick dessert and bring home to celebrate.
  15. ... I need to do some more idea researching!

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