Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Advent Ideas

I have a few more advent ideas to add to my list...
  1. Go get the tree!  We've decided to switch to a REAL tree this year--Christmas tree farms are good for the environment, they're planted as a crop (that is a carbon neutral footprint) and can be used as compost if they aren't sprayed with fake snow.  So we need to hike up and get one!
  2. Borax Crystal Snowflakes-- Super easy to make, you just need some borax and pipecleaners.  They are very pretty and the kids get a chemistry lesson without even knowing they're doing it.
  3. Rock Candy--Along the same lines as the snowflakes, but edible.  Easy to make--little ones need grown-up help--and can be given out as gifts to friends.
  4. Personalized Clip board idea from Michaels:  Might be a good gift idea for a certain big sister who's now a swim coach hint hint.
  5. Candles.  Easy idea for embellishing at Gingerbread Snowflakes.
  6. Still investigating...I'll share as I find.
I also have some past ideas for you!...
  1. Paint Swirl Ornaments--Michaels  here.  Even the little one can create a super cool ornament.
  2. Birdseed Birdhouse:  My own idea (believe it or not) after I saw one for sale in Williams Sonoma for $30.  Buy wooden birdhouses at the dollar store, smear with peanut butter or shortening if you have allergies in the household, then decorate with birdseed mix, oatmeal, nuts and dried fruits.  They look absolutely adorable, the birds wents "nuts" over them, and they can be re-smeared and studded once they've been cleaned by the birds.
  3. Matchbook Notepads.  Very easy to make.   We used christmas themed cardstock and scrapbooking embellishments.  Project instructions from Design Sponge.

Pattiwack Ideas (craft designer Patti Donham) that we've successfully done...
  1. Snazzy Soaps: These are super easy even for the little ones.  To make the project a bit more interesting for older kids have them melt and mould their own soaps.
  2. Beaded Candle Bobeches: Really cool and they are quite displayable.
  3. Coffee Cup Christmas Card Holders:  this one was a favorite.  I bought the mugs at Goodwill for 25cents each.  My oldest, Alyssa, embellished the top of the plaster of paris with glue and coffee beans which I thought was super cool.  The little ones can do this too if you help them with the wire shaping.
  4. Comfort Pillows: Everyone needs one of these and since it involves only sewing in a straight line (or as close as you can get) it's a fun project for beginning sewers.  We used rice, not corn though.
  5. Umbrella Charms:  Can also be used for cell phones.  Gotta have at least one Shrinky Dink project!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all of the advent calendar ideas- such a great resource! :)